Say hello to the Anderson Family! This family was so much fun to photograph, as they are close friends of mine. 🙂 I love whenever my friends trust me enough to become my clients, and allow me to photograph their family memories. I loved this family session so very much for several reasons!!!

Just look at those two…haha! I wanted the boys to talk to each other, and I got this. I couldn’t help but crack up myself at the screaming that came with this photograph. 🙂

Now for the wardrobe change!! Here’s what I LOVE about a full family photography session…enabling my families to be who they are, and expressing themselves however they choose! Mom wanted to take some pictures in their nice clothes, and Dad wanted to take pictures in their Steelers jerseys! I loved this so much!

Never be afraid to ask your photographer if you can bring more than one outfit for your session. Capturing families being who they are, and showing what they love is something I am very passionate about. I prefer that my clients dress comfortably rather than purchasing something that makes them feel up tight and uncomfortable because they think “it will look better”. Be who you are, wear what makes you comfortable

Pile up on Dad for a picture was the boys idea, and of course they all LOVED it! Many giggles happen when I ask kids pile up on their parents. 🙂

As you can see, whether you are in super dressy clothes, jeans and a flannel shirt, football jerseys, or pjs…your family pictures are all about YOU and expressing who you are as a family!!!


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