You’ve decided that it is time for new pictures, you’ve booked your photographer, you’ve set a date, AND you have chosen everyone’s outfits (which we all know is NOT easy) …now it’s time for the final piece of the puzzle. Where in the world do we TAKE our pictures?

This decision is a big one for some people. After photographing families for several years now, I’ve come to realize there are two types of people when it comes to session location. The first type are those that know EXACTLY what type of place they’re looking for and provide that information immediately to their photographer. The second type are those who have no idea, whether because they are new to the area or they’re just not picky, and they need help deciding. Both of these are just fine!

Here are a few things to remember when you are trying to decide on that perfect location:

  • Ask your photographer for help
    • Please remember…if you are hiring a professional photographer, they have a wealth of knowledge that they are always wanting to share with their clients to give them the best experience they can! If it’s August, and you know that you want your family in jeans, boots, and flannel shirts I believe it’s safe to say you don’t want a cityscape in the background of your images. However, you may not realize that there is a gorgeous field of wildflowers in your town that your photographer knows will fit your vision perfectly…and upon this discussion they will be able to guide you to the correct spot.
  • Consider the weather
    • If you are celebrating something special, and want to capture your memories on a certain day, understand that if its December, you won’t be able to capture Fall colors or Spring blooms. Also, even though you may have the PERFECT outfit planned out…don’t forget jackets may be a must depending on your geographical location and/or month.
    • If scenery/back ground are very important to you, consider postponing your session until you can ensure the perfect scenery for your pictures.
  • Eye pleasing scenery
    • If you know you do NOT like sunflowers, or city skylines, or barns, or wildflowers…then you need to relay that information to your photographer so that they can accommodate your preferences and provide different settings for you. There is nothing worse for a photographer than arriving at a location and then the client lets us know that they aren’t a fan of it. Whomp whomp. 
  • Public access
    • Access to public places can be a great thing when planning a photo session, but it can also cause frustrations for you and your photographer. Public parks are typically very busy, and if it is a popular place (like most are), your photographer could have a problem finding space where it isn’t super crowded. While it is totally possible to avoid crowds, keep in mind that your ultimate favorite spot in the park could be everyone else’s favorite spot as well…and this could lead to waiting and possible melt downs depending on ages of children. 

I hope that this list of tips helps you when the time comes to choose the location of your next photo session. The perfect trifecta, at least to me, is a client that feels so confident in their skin, loves their outfit choice/choices, and loves the location of their session. When all of those things work together, it ensures that your memories captured will be amazing!


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