hello,I'm ALLISOn

I'm the lady behind the lens! I am not your average shy photographer who stands behind the camera; I'm a very outgoing, people-person who has never met a stranger! I love to have fun with my clients and I thrive off of their energy.

So who am I? I'm the wife to that handsome hunk, whom most call Jamie, and mom to those two adorable faces that you see with us. We are an Army family, so for us...home is where we make it! We're blessed to now live in Germany, and I love exploring Europe with my camera!

I'm a chocolate loving, nativity scene collector, fitness enthusiast, wine drinking, laughing til my side hurts, Hallmark Christmas movie addict! I love to laugh at myself and feel its good for the soul!

If you feel like we can be best friends, lets meet for coffee (although I don't drink caffeine...yeah, I said that) and chat!

Thanks for stopping by!

what does being an allison burton
client mean?

building your legacy 
allison burton photogrpahy


You must be ready to enjoy having your picture taken, as we will have loads of fun!


Being prepared to laugh at any point while we are together, as I am known to crack a stupid joke at any moment.


You must be prepared to think, "wow, that was so much fun" after your session is over...Because I always strive to make every session delightful for everyone!